• Candy Floss Machine

    Candy Floss Machine (4)

    If you love to eat cotton candy of carnival-quality, then our range of candy floss machines are a versatile popular option at parties and other events. Our machines will work well if you have your own catering or party business. It is greatly affordable and performs amazingly.
  • Doughnut Machine

    Doughnut Machine (4)

    We supply a range of doughnut machines for bakeries, fairs, concessions and food trucks. Each machine is designed for optimal productivity with easy operation, maintenance, and cleaning. We offer both automatic and manual versions.
  • Hot Dog Roller

    Hot Dog Roller (8)

    This machine is a novelty item, and the results are amazing. It’s simple, easy to use and clean, of top quality, and it’s a hot dog roller! You can cook up hot dogs, brats, sausages, or whatever; and the adjustable heat settings let you do so in anywhere from 3 to 4 minutes to 3 to 4 hours - quite…
  • Ice-Cream Machine

    Ice-Cream Machine (9)

    We are your top choice for a variety of quality ice machines at great prices! Ice machines offer numerous advantages, such has • You get the type of ice you want • No more ice bags • No more extra labour • Your drink tastes better and the flexibility
  • Juice Machine

    Juice Machine (5)

    Either for health reasons or a break from the ordinary, more people are looking for drink choices beyond the traditional soft drinks and teas we are familiar with. Expand your beverage program to include offerings such as fresh juices to bring in new customers and give repeat patrons something fresh to try. We offer a range of juice machines to…
  • Milkshake Machine

    Milkshake Machine (2)

    Milkshake machines have no blades; therefore, they are safer than blenders since there is less risk of injury. This machine has one job, and the user-friendly controls are made to accomplish it without the aid of complicated settings or buttons. Our range of milkshake machines are durable and last for many years. They are made of stainless steel, die-cast metal…
  • Popcorn Machine

    Popcorn Machine (8)

    The latest technology developments for poppers are now here! With twin kettle, electromagnetic popcorn machine heats fast, saves energy, has stable performance and high productivity; perfect for cinemas. Our range of popcorn machines are safe, more effective, easy to clean and energy saving compared to the traditional technology. Order yours now and get ahead of the popping game!
  • Slush Machine

    Slush Machine (9)

    Our professional slush machine is a real technology wonder with high performance and ultramodern design. It prepares the slush in shorter time than the other traditional machines on the market. Our products are designed to offer a machine with high performance and ease of use, designed for the end users’ needs. Our slush machines have many safety and smart features.…
  • Waffle Machine

    Waffle Machine (8)

    The commercial waffle machine is designed for baking waffle with independent heat control and aluminium molds. The baking molds are made of high grade aluminium with high thermal conductivity. Some of the features include; • Stainless steel design • Easy to operate • Non-stick coating • Automatic temperature control function • Easy to clean