How to place an order

Choose Product

1.Search Product

Use the search box by entering the name of the product you want in the text box and press enter. Or browse through our many category and combo deals.

2. Select Product

Select the product/s that you want then click the product to open it.

3. Add Quantity if Required

If you need more of the same product you can increase the quantity by adding the number in the box or increase the number by clicking the up or down flash.

Add to Cart

1. Click the ‘Add to Cart’ Button

After you click the add to cart, select Checkout if you have completed or close the popup window and continue shopping.

2. Proceed to Checkout

Proceed to checkout if you have added all you products to the cart.

Purchase and Delivery

1. Fill your Information

Fill in the your information and where the order will be delivered, and then click on continue to shipping.

2. Select Shipping or Collection

On the shipping page you can select how you want to receive your goods – Store Collection or Delivery, then click Continue to payment.

3. Payment

Select Payment Method and complete order.

Thereafter , a sales agent will be in contact with you to discuss delivery costs and additional information regarding your order. Happy Shopping. Happy Customer.