• Bandsaw Machine

    Bandsaw Machine (12)

    We are an industry leader in high speed, precision bandsaw machines for the meat industry. Our bandsaws are ideal in quality food processing facilities worldwide. Are you looking for fast, high output primal cutting of pork carcasses? Our precision bandsaw machines can deliver improved cutting yields and accuracy, whilst minimizing operator fatigue.
  • Beverage Coolers

    Beverage Coolers (11)

    Whether you’re launching a general convenience store, restaurant, pub or establishment that requires cold storage facilities, you’ll certainly need to invest in our high-quality commercial beverage coolers. The trick is to get the right refrigeration solution for your specific requirement.
  • Deli Display

    Deli Display (10)

    If you’re thinking about starting a continuous food service, then you will really need to consider covering your food with our unique deli display cases. This is a great way of marketing your food as well as offering protection. While opting to show meat products, you have to search for numerous things like purchasing specific meat display cases that will…
  • Feather Plucker

    Feather Plucker (1)

    A feather plucking machine comes with a lot of advantages; increasing the number of birds that can be processed per day; human labour is greatly reduced; problem of boredom through manual removal of feather is eliminated; avoiding the situation of touching hot water while removing the feathers that might have been soaked in hot water.
  • Freezer

    Freezer (17)

    The food products can be frozen and chilled by our freezers. Freezers are a great way of ensuring that the food products are not kept at room temperature. Freezers have the capacity to freeze the food products in a very short period of time.
  • Meat Slicer

    Meat Slicer (3)

    There are several reasons why you need to get yourself a meat slicer from our online shop. 1. Ease of cutting meat 2. The precision of cutting 3. Less time spent We supply high-performance meat slicers mad from high quality materials. Get one now!
  • Mincers

    Mincers (6)

    Meat mincers are an essential piece of meat processing equipment for any food business that is serious about the quality of their product and effectiveness of their operation. Whether you’re running a local butcher shop, restaurant or larger industrial operation, the shift from frozen to fresh, budget to gourmet, is the new expectation within the industry.
  • Patty Machine

    Patty Machine (2)

    Get our quality patty machine; an industry favourite for producing high quality patties. It forms and portions a range of products including meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables, bakery items and more. Patty machines are a common sight in restaurants, supermarkets, drive-ins, etc.
  • Sausage Fillers

    Sausage Fillers (9)

    This product is full stainless construction and offers long service life. It has an efficient gearing system which enables the user to release the plunger for quick and easy re-filling. With specifications stainless steel making tube, easy clean and two level speed for powerful pushing and quick lifting. It is an ideal machine for the home or restaurant wanting to…
  • Scales

    Scales (4)

    Scales are an integral part of your enterprise’s infrastructure as they are directly linked to your bottom-line. We have committed to supply our customers with high quality scales with total accuracy and durability. We understand that sustainable business means supporting our clients to the best of our ability, and we aim to do just that in the products we offer,…
  • Sealing Machine

    Sealing Machine (3)

    We supply quality sealing machines for home, commercial and industrial use. You can browse and compare our prices on our online store, your leader in sealing machines in South Africa. Our sealing machines is the best way to seal food, chips, oils and much more.
  • Sinks Stainless Steel

    Sinks Stainless Steel (13)

    We supply stainless steel sinks that are high quality designs and provide the ultimate durability and hygiene whilst being ergonomically designed for optimum ease of hand washing. Choose from our range to meet your specific application. Our units comply with health and hygiene regulations, and are a perfect solutions for restaurants, food preparation environments, hospitals, schools and more.
  • Tables Stainless Steel

    Tables Stainless Steel (8)

    Stainless steel tables are a popular feature in both private and commercial space. These products make great workstations for food preparation, as they are quite easy to sanitize. Many commercial establishments utilize stainless steel tables for just about anything. The material used to make these tables is rust-resistant, highly durable and provide as an attractive finish. Stainless steel is a…
  • Vacuum Sealer

    Vacuum Sealer (6)

    A vacuum sealer packaging machine sucks out all the air from the product and seals it. This process is popular for preserving food but is also used for other purposes. You would require a vacuum bag or sterilized container for your product to be vacuum sealed. This ensures a higher quality of preservation for your product or food items.
  • Wrapping Machine

    Wrapping Machine (2)

    Get a wrapping machine to wrap your products that are to be stored or transported. Wrapping your goods provides several benefits that include; • Protection of goods from damage, dust and moisture • Improved safety • Efficient product wrapping • Increased productivity