• Beverage Coolers

    Beverage Coolers (11)

    Whether you’re launching a general convenience store, restaurant, pub or establishment that requires cold storage facilities, you’ll certainly need to invest in our high-quality commercial beverage coolers. The trick is to get the right refrigeration solution for your specific requirement.
  • Cake Fridges

    Cake Fridges (8)

    Our range of cake fridges are an essential appliance for bakeries, cafes or any other food outlet that wishes to display cakes for their customers. The unique thing about cake fridges is that their temperature range is different from regular fridges because cakes need to be kept at specific temperature and humidity level to stay fresh and not lose their…
  • Cake Mixers

    Cake Mixers (4)

    Whether you aspire to be a masterful chef or only bake for the occasional holiday or event, our range of cake mixers allow for hands-free baking and prepping. With little effort, you can mix and match and blend even the thickest of mixtures and you don't even have to get your hands dirty. Enjoy versatility, more power and control, efficiency…
  • Dough Divider

    Dough Divider (1)

    Our quality dough divider is an automatic volumetric divider designed for dividing all types of dough containing at least 50% of wheaten flour. It offers high dividing accuracy even for dough of variable consistency. The machine can be employed both in semi-automatic and automatic make-up plants.
  • Dough Moulder

    Dough Moulder (2)

    The dough moulder is specially designed to shape dough into versatile sizes of breads in the bakery industry. It is perfect for moulding dough to make rolls, buns, toasts, baguettes, loaves, etc. The roller system equipped in the dough can make the dough structure more solid. Also, the roller spacing and conveyor belt can be well adjusted by hand wheel.…
  • Dough Roller

    Dough Roller (1)

    Automatic dough rollers make rolling out dough a lot easier. We supply high quality rollers that are ideal for several types of dough. The range includes both double and single dough rollers, as well as dough rollers that are suitable for rolling out fondant.
  • Dough Sheeter

    Dough Sheeter (2)

    We supply quality dough sheeter machines. Sheeters can press any kind of dough. Most commonly, they feature in the catering industry and are used for pizza crusts, flat bread, pie crusts, pastry dough and cake fondant that’s required in large quantities. This machine can roll out pieces of dough to a desired thickness. The resulting sheets are smooth, uniform and…
  • Doughnut Machine

    Doughnut Machine (4)

    We supply a range of doughnut machines for bakeries, fairs, concessions and food trucks. Each machine is designed for optimal productivity with easy operation, maintenance, and cleaning. We offer both automatic and manual versions.
  • Freezer

    Freezer (17)

    The food products can be frozen and chilled by our freezers. Freezers are a great way of ensuring that the food products are not kept at room temperature. Freezers have the capacity to freeze the food products in a very short period of time.
  • Oven Convection

    Oven Convection (2)

    Want to step up your cooking game? Consider getting yourself a convection oven from our online shop. Convection ovens are hotter and cook faster than conventional ovens. They also cook more evenly, thanks to some simple additions to the appliance.
  • Oven Electric

    Oven Electric (8)

    Our online shop offers a range of electric ovens. Electric ovens are popular for their ease of use, and the fact that they provide a brilliant even cooking temperature throughout the cavity. A heat that is distributed evenly throughout the baking chamber will mean that trays of cookies or wide casserole dishes will receive the same amount of heat on…
  • Pie Warmers

    Pie Warmers (7)

    Our pie warmers are a cost effective and efficient way of easily serving pies, pastries and more at your cafe, office, school canteen or building. Are you running a restaurant or food business that serves pies? If so, you will certainly benefit from at least one type of pie warmer in our stock.
  • Proovers

    Proovers (2)

    Catering Shop Online caters to the demands of pastry chefs and bakers with a line of ovens, proovers and accessories capable of cooking small and large batches of food with equal helpings of gentle cooking and power, heat and ventilation. Quality products designed deliver outcomes that always hit the mark; a blend of efficiency, strength and design to satisfy even…
  • Scales

    Scales (4)

    Scales are an integral part of your enterprise’s infrastructure as they are directly linked to your bottom-line. We have committed to supply our customers with high quality scales with total accuracy and durability. We understand that sustainable business means supporting our clients to the best of our ability, and we aim to do just that in the products we offer,…
  • Sealing Machine

    Sealing Machine (3)

    We supply quality sealing machines for home, commercial and industrial use. You can browse and compare our prices on our online store, your leader in sealing machines in South Africa. Our sealing machines is the best way to seal food, chips, oils and much more.
  • Sinks Stainless Steel

    Sinks Stainless Steel (13)

    We supply stainless steel sinks that are high quality designs and provide the ultimate durability and hygiene whilst being ergonomically designed for optimum ease of hand washing. Choose from our range to meet your specific application. Our units comply with health and hygiene regulations, and are a perfect solutions for restaurants, food preparation environments, hospitals, schools and more.
  • Tables Stainless Steel

    Tables Stainless Steel (8)

    Stainless steel tables are a popular feature in both private and commercial space. These products make great workstations for food preparation, as they are quite easy to sanitize. Many commercial establishments utilize stainless steel tables for just about anything. The material used to make these tables is rust-resistant, highly durable and provide as an attractive finish. Stainless steel is a…
  • Underbar Coolers

    Underbar Coolers (7)

    We sell quality under bar coolers; Exterior top, front, and interior floor manufactured from high grade stainless steel. • All other surfaces are white chromadek • Self-closing doors with full length integrated handles • Doors are fitted with stainless steel self-closing hinges
  • Waffle Machine

    Waffle Machine (8)

    The commercial waffle machine is designed for baking waffle with independent heat control and aluminium molds. The baking molds are made of high grade aluminium with high thermal conductivity. Some of the features include; • Stainless steel design • Easy to operate • Non-stick coating • Automatic temperature control function • Easy to clean
  • Wrapping Machine

    Wrapping Machine (2)

    Get a wrapping machine to wrap your products that are to be stored or transported. Wrapping your goods provides several benefits that include; • Protection of goods from damage, dust and moisture • Improved safety • Efficient product wrapping • Increased productivity